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Silverhawk's gemstones If you truly want your site to succeed in the search engines, a major focus is on the importance of incoming links.

Google explains that, "The best way to ensure Google finds your site, is for your pages to be linked from lots of pages on other sites. Google's robots jump from page to page on the Web via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to you, the more likely it is that we'll find you quickly."

Research and find websites with relevant content. These sites should also be a good resource for your site visitors. Send each of site owner a personal email requesting a link. Forget the form mail that comes with your reciprocal link manager. Half of these won't pass the spam filters and many more are simply deleted by the site owners. Explain in your request why it would be a benefit for BOTH sites to exchange links.

Link exchanges are a very effective way of bringing in traffic to your site, but the more relevant links that you have, the higher you will appear in the search engine rankings. When it comes to finding incoming links to your website, there simply are no short cuts. The key to success in the search engines is good old-fashioned hard work!

The most important type of link that you can have is a one way link from a site. This is a link to you from a website that you are not linking to. Now these are hard to get, especially from high traffic sites, but are well worth your time and effort. Concentrate on having good content that changes often and makes people come back to your site. You can often find one way links for a small fee.

We offer a variety of link exchanges and one way link packages.

1. link exchange on my webdesign clients sites.
2. One way link to your site for one year for $12 from one of our sites


3. One way link to your site for one year from PR5 and PR6 and 4 more of our sites (PR3 and PR4) for $30

If you are interested in any of the above links, please Submit url here

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